Welcome to the 4th Grade!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year. To help us stay organized and work efficiently during the day, we have a class website! www.mrsfetzer.wikispaces.com

This site is for Mrs. Fetzer's 4th grade students.

  • Feel free to use the site as you may find helpful information on this site throughout the year.
    • Information will change periodically as we progress through the curriculum and the school year.
      • Please check the Newsletter Tab for updates and the other Subject Tabs for helpful resources.
    • All necessary information will be sent home.
      • This site simply contains duplicates of some information for your child's convenience and interest.
    • Access to this site is not mandatory for students to do well.

  • Students absolutely should not rely only on this website to stay current or informed.
    • There is absolutely no guarantee that the site will be fully updated daily, working properly, or easily accessible on any given day

  • Students are expected to rely primarily on class discussions, the homework board, and information provided daily during school hours in addition to resources provided to students to be fully prepared.
    • Students should write down current assignments daily
    • Students must keep up with notes and handouts provided
    • Students will benefit from paying attentiont to class discussions
    • Students need to be certain they have all materials needed packed before they leave school

  • Organization and effort are the keys to a successful year!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, telephone, or a note. I believe constant communication is key to your child's success.


Mrs. Fetzer

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