Each week when a spelling test is scheduled, students are required to turn in two spelling assignments. One will be assigned for at least the first quarter and due the following day. The second one is an assignment they choose and is due the day before the test. The variety of tasks, described below, will assist students by providing choices for multiple study strategies. Students should reflect on the assignments and decide which strategies are the most effective tools for them. In general, it is considered a homework assignment; however, students may complete the assignments in class when they finish classwork early as an Anchor Activity.

Task choices:

You may create your own spelling assignment on notebook paper and use one of the following options. If you have an original idea, share it and we may add it to this list.

Colorful Words: Write each of your words. Rewrite each word in a different colored pencil.
Across & Down: Choose ten words, write each word across and down sharing the beginning letter
Spelling Rainbow: Write eight of your spelling words. Write each word first in pencil. Then trace over each word three times.
Backwards Words: Write ten of your words forwards and then backwards.
Silly Sentences: Write ten silly sentences using a spelling word in each sentence. Underline your words.
Pyramid Writing: Pyramid write nine of your spelling words.
ABC Order: Write your words in ABC order
Spelling Paragraph: Write a paragraph using 10 of your spelling words. Underline the words.
Squiggly Words: Write your wordsfirst in squiggly letters, then rewrite them in regular, neat letters.
Bubble Letters: Write your words in bubble letters
Blue Vowels: Write Each of your spelling words and trace over the vowels in blue colored pencil or marker.
Adding Words: Choose 10 spelling words. Add each spelling word. Consonants are worth 10, vowels are worth 5.
Spelling Shapes: Write each word. Draw a different shape around each spelling word.
Consonant Circle: Write each word. Circle all of the consonants.
Goofy Story: Write a goofy spelling story using each of your words. Underline the words.
Rhyming Words: Write down your spelling words, then choose a rhyming word to match each one.
Fancy Letters: Write each of your spelling words using fancy letters.
Upper & Lower: Write your words. Then rewrite your words (vowels in lowercase, consonants in uppercase).

If you have easy access to a computer, you may create your own task assignment by using the site below, and then completing the task. http://www.schoolexpress.com/create.php

SPELLING STATEGIES: Strategies to help with studying


Spelling Words:

Spelling List 1 - Test Friday, August 23
  • blanket, December. drill, driver, gathered, goldfish, grandpa, interested, keeping, , lady, travel
Spelling List 2 - Test Friday, August 30
  • that, lamp, grand, flag, sad, chaps, stampede, west, then, fresh, rest, best, breath, said, left, this, spring, shift, give, itch