For your convenience, I have the words and definitions we are studying below. For help with studying and reinforcement, our vocabulary words have activities on the Sadlier-Oxford Website

Directions: Click on the website below, choose the Orange Level, then the game you wish to play and select the current "Unit #" we are studying to test your knowledge of the vocabulary words from that unit.

Make sure you choose Color Level Orange and the correct Unit #

  • The site contains the words and various games to help students check their skills and reinforce comprehension.
  • Students may use the site or their notes from class (definitions) or their own definitions to study for the test
  • The goal is to extend vocabulary knowledge and to use these words daily in writing as well as oral language
  • Each unit will have a set of 12 words for students to learn
  • All are great games to help reinforce the word knowledge, your teacher highly recommends the following:
    • synonym match game
    • word scramble

Other fun choices for games and review : Hangman, Word Search, Concentration, Crossword, Word Scramble


        • Our Unit for the week of August 19, is UNIT # 1, test is Aug


  • Unit 1
    • celebrity, counsel, demonstrate, drowsy, essential, hardship, haul, humble, pledge, sincere, stampede, suitable

  • Unit 2
    • annual, basic, competition, contract, dismiss, neglect, obtain, portion, recall, sponsor, stern, vacant

  • Unit 3
    • attractive, burden, consent, dependable, indicate, previous, qualify, response, shabby, thaw, urgent, vanity

  • Unit 4
    • ambush, calculate, contribue, dread, employ, extend, frantic, initial, routine, stun, sturdy, yield

  • Unit 5
    • antique, baggage, digest, establish, eternal, haste, humid, lash, oppose, pioneer, sensible, worthy

  • Unit 6
    • blossom, collide, constant, content, distract, drought, foul, noble, policy, quiver, slight, tidy

  • Unit 7
    • accurate, alert, ancestor, disaster, elementary, envy, epidemic, feeble, penetrate, romp, staple, survive

  • Unit 8
    • awkward, clatter, gallant, lukewarm, plentiful, ration, reserve, scholar, smolder, trudge, volunteer, weary

  • Unit 9
    • convict, discipline, dungeon, earnest, enclose, gradual, grumble, jagged, mourish, provision, treaty, uneasy

  • Unit 10
    • distress, drench, dwell, juvenile, outstanding, proceed, register, sift, spree, tardy, unfit, variety

  • Unit 11
    • blockade, chant, despair, elevate, extraordinary, heroic, lance, missionary, pointless, reflect, site, toxic

  • Unit 12
    • bristle, circular, coarse, discard, extreme, focus, grasp, inspire, magnify, marine, quake, troublesome
Vocabulary Definitions (

You may print the definitions for a unit from the following Word document file or cut and paste from below:

Vocabulary Printable Units 1-8:

Unit 1
  • celebrity - a famous or well-known person
  • counsel - to give advice, a legal advisor
  • demonstrate - to show, to prove, give an example, to display, exhibit
  • drowsy - sleepy, sluggish,
  • essential - necessary, important
  • hardship - something that is difficult, suffering, oppression
  • haul - to pull or draw, cart or transport, carry, drag
  • humble - modest, not proud or arrogant, low in importance, courteous, respectful
  • pledge - a solemn or serious promise
  • sincere - genuine, real, pure, truthful, honest
  • stampede - sudden rush (often of animals)
  • suitable - fitting, appropriate, proper

Unit 2
  • annual - yearly, happening once a year, a book
  • basic - key element, having to do with a starting point, fundamental, simple, elementary
  • competition - rivalry, a contest or game
  • contract - an agreement
  • dismiss - to direct or send away, permit to leave
  • neglect - to ignore, pay little or no attention, to fail to offer care
  • obtain - to gain or acquire, to get, to reach
  • portion - a part of any whole, a section or piece
  • recall - to bring back from memory, to call back or ask to return
  • sponsor - someone who takes responsibility for anotehr
  • stern - not kind or gentle, harsh
  • vacant - empty, void, lacking expression or thought

Unit 3
  • attractive - pretty, pleasing to the ey, mind or senses, drawing attention
  • burden - a load, something carried, something with difficulty, an obligation
  • consent - to approve, permit, agree, compliance
  • dependable - reliable, worthy of trust
  • indicate - show, evidence, to be a sign of, to make known
  • previous - prior, coming before in time or order
  • qualify - to become fit for something, to limit in some way, to modify
  • response - answer or reply,
  • shabby - worn, used, showing signs of wear (clothes, furniture)
  • thaw - to melt, to warm gradually
  • urgent - pressing, important, needing immediate attention
  • vanity - excessive pride in looks, successes, vain; or a dressing table

Unit 4
  • ambush - to attack by surprise, attacking from a concealed or hidden position
  • calculate - to compute, to find out by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing, to figure by reason or logic
  • contribute - to give money, time, knowledge, assistance
  • dread - to fear, to be reluctant to do something, to feel deep worry
  • employ - to hire, to make use of , to put to work for pay, to occupy time
  • extend - to stretch out, make longer
  • frantic - excited, upset, fearful, desperate
  • initial - first, happening at the beginning, first letter of a word
  • routine - the regular way something is done, commonplace, typical & everyday activities
  • stun - amaze, overwhelm, sudden effect on the mind or feelings, to shock or daze
  • sturdy - strong, firm, courageous, determined
  • yield - to produce, to give up in give in

Unit 5
  • antique - belonging to the past, old, not mdern
  • baggage - suitcases, packages, luggage
  • digest - to understand an idea, to break down food, short version of a published written work
  • establish - to start or set up, to show as valid or true
  • eternal - lasting forever, without beginning or end, endless
  • haste - speed, hurry, swiftness, urgent need for action
  • humid - moist, steamy, heavy wiht moisture, damp
  • lash - to whip or strike, a blow made by a whip
  • oppose - to act or speak out against, to stand in the way of, to object to, in contrast with
  • pioneer - a person to first settle a region, to lead or open the way for others
  • sensible - good sense or judgment, aware
  • worthy - having value, importance, being good enough

Unit 6
  • blossom - the flower of a plant, to grow, to bloom, to flourish
  • collide - to stike, to crash, to bump into, to come together
  • constant -not changing, regular, never stopping, steady, faithful, loyal
  • content - pleased with or accepting of, the amount contained
  • distract - to draw away or divert, to draw attention to something else, to confuse, to provide a pleasant diversion
  • drought - a period of dry weather, an extended shortage
  • foul - filthy, offensive to the senses, unpleasant, polluted
  • noble -of high birth, good moral character, admirable
  • policy- a plan, a set of rules, a way to act
  • quiver - to shake, a case for arrows
  • slight - small in amount, not important, flimsy, delicate
  • tidy - neat, organized, acceptable, a large sum

Unit 7
  • accurate - free from error or defect, completely correct
  • alert - fully aware, awake, ready, an alarm, when an alarm is in effect
  • ancestor - a family member who lived at an earlier time
  • disaster - damage, great loss of life, sudden terrible event which brings suffering, a failure
  • elementary - related to a simple level or beginning level, uncomplicatded
  • envy - a feeling of resentment for wanting of what someone else has
  • epidemic - a rapid spread of disease, contagious
  • feeble - physically weak, frail, often due to sickness or age, fragile
  • penetrate - to pierce, pass into, to go through or enter, to see into
  • romp - spirited, carefree, noisy fun, to play in a wild manner
  • staple - a 'u' shaped wire used to attach papers together, a major product or material that is used regularly
  • survive - to remain alive after the death of others, to remain alive after illness, to continue to exist or live longer than others

Unit 8
  • awkward - lacking skill or grace, embarassing, hard to handle, clumsy
  • clatter - to make a loud noise or rattling sound, to talk fast, chatter
  • gallant - brave, spirited, noble-minded, stylish, courteous
  • lukewarm - moderately warm, tepid, indifferent, showing little interest
  • plentiful - abundant, in great supply, easily available, more than enough
  • ration - a fixed amount, a share, a portion of food allowed
  • reserve - to hold back, set aside, to save for later, to be cautious
  • scholar - a student, a learned person, an expert in a field of study
  • smolder - to burn without flame, a slow burn, to be angry
  • trudge - to walk warily or with difficulty, to march slowly, a tiring trip
  • volunteer - a person who offers or joins to do a services, someone who gives time or effort without pay
  • weary - physically or mentally tired, worn out, lacking patience, fatigued