Be More Descriptive in Your Writing!

Instead of "said" use:
  • called, cried, responded, asked, demanded, stated, shouted, whispered, remarked, questioned, replied, explained

Instead of "laughed" use
  • snickered, giggled, roared, chuckled, chortled, crowed, guffawed, cockled, howled, bellowed

Instead of "ran" use
  • hurried, raced, galloped, dashed, trotted, bolted, darted, sped, jogged, sprinted, dashed

Instead of "walked" use
  • staggered, traveled, trudged, strutted, hiked, marched, shuffled, sauntered, lumbered, paraded, ambled, strolled

Instead of "saw" use
  • glimpsed, noticed, observed, sighted, spotted, stared, glanced, eyed, gazed, spied, examined, watched

Instead of "like" use
  • love, admire, appreciate, fancy, adore, idolize, prefer, cherish, care for, favor, enjoy, treasure

Instead of "sad" use
  • downcast, depressed, woeful, gloomy, miserable, sorrowful, unhappy, dejected, forlorn, melancholy, crestfallen, mournful

Instead of "pretty" use
  • beautiful, lovely, glamorous, attractive, elegant, cute, exquisite, gorgeous, stunning, handsome, striking, fair

Instead of "good" use
  • great, pleasant, marvelous, delightful, wonderful, superior, splendid, superb, grand, terrific, amazing, excellent

Instead of "little" use
  • teeny, diminutive, compact, microscopic, petite, wee, small, tiny, miniscule, miniature, slight, minute

Instead of "nice" use
  • kind, thoughtful, benevolent, gracious, considerate, decent, congenial, agreeable, courteous, warm, cordial, humane

Instead of "funny" use
  • farcical, jacular, amusing, humorous, witty, comical, hysterical, sidesplitting, hilarious, laughable, silly, nonsensical

Instead of "big" use
  • towering, towering, huge, large, great, gigantic, mammoth, enormous, tremendous, massive, giant, colossal, immense

Instead, of "happy" use
  • glad, jovial, jubilant, joyful, thrilled, cheerful, merry, contented, pleased, delighted, jolly, elated,

Instead of "smart" use
  • witty, bright, quick-witted, knowledgeable, intelligent, clever, ingenious, sharp, brainy, brilliant, gifted, wise