Mrs. Fetzer’s Classroom Expectations

  • Be on time
    • If absent, check the website/ask a peer or me

  • Be prepared
    • Read the lessons
    • Have supplies (book, paper, writing implements)
    • Study

  • Be mindful
    • On task, contributor

  • Be respectful
    • Notes, hand signals, technology, book bags
    • Packing early

  • Water bottles only, pens/pencils only
    • Cursive/print okay – just be legible
    • COMPLETE sentences unless otherwise stated
      • Short answer still means complete sentences
      • Discussion means more than 1-2 sentences (main idea plus details)

  • Follow all rules in the CNS Junior High handbook. Refer to this handbook if there are any questions.
  • Please review the “Gold Card” policy on page 18 of your handbook for rules violations.
    Repeated offenses or disrespect will result in a discipline referral and/or parental contact.